The Growing Influence Of
Outdoor Advertising In Today’s World

Outdoor advertising is more relevant today than at any other time in history. The amount of time that consumers are away from home has increased exponentially during the past two decades. The United States Department of Labor recently stated that working adults spend as much as 70% of their waking hours away from their residences.

In addition, consumers are behind the wheel of their vehicles over 70 hours per month. These statistics have driven the power of outdoor advertising way beyond the influence that traditional mediums such as television or newspapers have on today’s buying public. Outdoor advertising takes your brand’s message out to where a target demographic audience is able to see it.

Accurately Measuring The Effectiveness Of Outdoor Advertising

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and large data sets, the measurement of outdoor advertising effectiveness has never been more accurate. Image Media Outdoors is proud to have partnered with Geopath, an industry pioneer in audience location metrics.

Geopath can measure and interpret consumer location data, as well as how people interact with outdoor advertising as they go throughout their day. From this collected data, Geopath creates anonymous and aggregated measurements, which can pinpoint exactly which audiences an outdoor advertising campaign is reaching.

By studying audience demographics at this level of detail, we can help our advertising customers determine how well their messaging is being seen by the right group of people. The professionals at Image Media Outdoors are ready to put our years of experience to work to help make your advertising campaigns as successful as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about how we use highly accurate audience data to your specific advantage.

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Advantages Of Outdoor Advertising

Even in today’s lightning-fast, high-tech world, outdoor advertising is still an extremely powerful and cost-effective way to reach a mass audience. Government statistics report that working people are away from home more than 70% of their day. In light of these kinds of startling statistics, there is little doubt why outdoor advertising through billboards continues to be a powerful medium by which businesses can sell their products and services.

No other kind of marketing has the reach and impact that outdoor advertising can deliver. Unlike television or radio, billboards can promote 24/7, with no interruption. In addition, television, radio, and print advertisers have to wait for consumers to find them in order to market their brands. Outdoor advertising communicates effortlessly, regardless if a consumer chooses to engage with it or not.

Marketers also have the flexibility to target a specific demographic or unique audience by strategically putting ads in certain locations. For example, a highway billboard featuring a retail store or local tourist attraction just a short distance from its location can have a powerful effect on motorists’ purchasing behavior.

The Benefits Of Great Outdoor Ads

Research has shown that the return on investment with billboard advertising is outstanding. A recent study by Arbitron cited that 40% of consumers shopped at a store as a result of viewing a billboard during their travels. In addition, the Media Behavior Institute reported that there is a direct link between outdoor advertising and the effectiveness of other media, such as television and radio.

Outdoor advertising can also impact a company’s online marketing efforts. In another report, Arbitron noted that 30% of people who saw a website address on a billboard were able to remember it and visited.

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